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Flipped Music Student Books

See how quickly you can pick it up!

Welcome to the music teaching method that lets you learn your favourite string instrument at your own pace.

Flipped Music works with school-based music programs but gives you the power to learn at the pace that's right for you.

Fun and engaging lessons guide you through the fundamentals of correct posture and playing technique in a logical order. Each lesson is accompanied by video and sound widgets. You can see and hear exactly what you should be playing.

Every time you learn a new technique, you'll find a new piece of famous classical or popular music to try your new skills on.

The more you play, the more confident you feel, the more you enjoy practicing between classes, and the faster you improve.

Following the Flipped Music method for just 15 minutes a day is all you need to set up a cycle of success.

Even if you've never played a note before, you'll soon be making progress you can feel - and that your teachers, parents and friends can hear!

Choose your instrument and start today.

The Flipped Music series covers the four instruments most commonly taught in school string orchestra programs.

Violin Books & eBooks

Available as an iBook with embedded media - backing tracks and videos or hardcopy book (Australia only) - access the quality backing tracks online and...

Cello Books & eBooks

Start your Cello journey on the right note!

Viola Books & eBooks

Take your first steps to Viola mastery.

Double Bass Books & eBooks

The biggest and most exciting stringed instrument!