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About us

"Every student has the ability to learn"

The Flipped Music Learning system is a complete, student-centred learning system designed for schools to help students achieve outstanding musical outcomes in the most fun and enjoyable way possible.

By combining time-honoured teaching methods with the best in technology, Flipped empowers each student to take control of their own musical learning journey. Meanwhile, teachers and parents can support them safe in the knowledge that they are meeting key elements of the curriculum.

Flipped is an inclusive methodology that caters to all types of learners.

Why Flip?

In the "flipped classroom", students gain their first exposure to new material outside the classroom. They explore new concepts in their own time and integrate information at their own pace. They return to the classroom prepared to ask questions, refine techniques and deepen their understanding.

In this system the classroom teacher's role is transformed: from that of "information tap" to that of mentor and guide. The student in turn gains a greater degree of control over their own learning, a sense of achievement, and a freedom to progress at their own pace, free of the constraints and pressures of traditional teaching.

The flipped classroom has become widely embraced in fields including chemistry and maths. We've created Flipped Music Learning to provide a complete set of tools so schools and students can easily access the benefits of this transformative approach to learning.

The Director and Founder of Flipped Music, Phil Rooke

"When we teach from a point of view that every student has the ability to learn, we allow them to develop to their fullest potential."

Phil is a lifelong music educator. He has mentored teachers and advised leadership teams in schools and school networks of all shapes and sizes for 30 years.

"I felt inspired to create a method that allows all students to access the joy of making music in themselves – even those who felt disengaged by traditional teaching methods.

"I love the flipped classroom model because it is inherently based in a growth mindset. I firmly believe that active learning, with the student directing their progress at their own pace, is the most effective way to maximise the potential of every student."

Discover Flipped Music Learning for educators and students.